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Entre Sueños

in between dreams

Entre Sueños Retreat

Oaxaca, Mexico

Join us for a carefully curated, intimate retreat exploring the vibrant culture and traditions of Oaxaca. We will experience hands-on ancestral craft workshops while nourishing our body, mind and spirit in connection with Zapotec and Mixtec communities and lands.

For those seeking an authentic, educational, and immersive experience, we offer a unique opportunity to connect with, learn from, and share with locals in Oaxaca’s artisan communities.

Winter Immersion Retreats

Sol Session // December 5-11th, 2019

Luna Session // January 2-8th, 2020

Guiding Principles

Educational Immersion

We believe in experiential education and purposeful reflection. This is an immersive educational experience—a unique opportunity to explore the cultural depth and traditions of this region in a thoughtful and respectful manner. Our retreat includes time for individual and group reflection, and opportunities to engage in conversations with local academics, advocates, and community leaders. We believe that this form of educational immersion encourages mutual respect and understanding for new cultures.  

Cultural Exchange

Our retreats foster authentic, equitable, and respectful cultural exchange with a goal of promoting friendship and learning across cultures and countries. We encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences that respect and nurture local cultures and communities. We believe that in order for true exchange to occur, we must also consider what we can contribute and share with the local community. Reciprocity is essential to responsible travel.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. We collaborate with incredible local leaders and activists who are working hard to preserve their craft, culture, and identity while maintaining a sustainable, and spiritual connection with the land. We aim to empower local communities by reinvesting a portion of all profits from our retreats into collaborative community-based projects and educational initiatives. These projects foster autonomy, reciprocity, and community-based development.


We have worked with the same families, cooperatives, and communities for the past four years to create sustainable, inclusive, long-term relationships. Once our guests return home, their contributions continue to fund and support community-driven projects and educational programs in Oaxaca.


  • Single Room:  $2,200 USD

  • Double Room:  $1,800 USD

  • Triple room: $1,600 USD

* A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Payment plans available, please inquire. 

What's Included

  • Transfer to and from Xoxocotlán (OAX) International Airport (only during the scheduled retreat, if you arrive early or leave late we can help you organize transportation to/from the airport).

  • Private in-country transportation

  • Accommodation (6 nights)

  • 3 meals daily (with the exception of two, so you may explore)

  • Workshops / Interactive experiences in traditional art forms (natural dyeing & weaving, ceramics, ceremonial candle making, mezcal distillation and more)

  • Daily movement, meditation, ceremonial offerings and rituals

  • Guest lectures and conversations with local Oaxaqueños

  • Journeys to surrounding pueblos, mercados, ancient ruins & natural mineral springs


We will be staying at a quaint, private B&B in the heart of the city. You will love this beautiful colonial home and gorgeous garden.

  • Double rooms can have 1 king or 2 twin beds based on your preference

  • All rooms have private bathrooms


Learn from the masters, as we venture into communities that continue to practice ancient, traditional art forms. We visit the homes of traditional artisans for hands-on, interactive workshops including natural dyeing & weaving, pottery, ceremonial candle making, and the art of Mezcal distillation. We connect with local families, sharing meals and stories around the table in their homes.

Reflection + Conversation

We believe reflection deepens learning and strengthens community. Reflecting on our shared experiences creates pathways for rich and inspiring dialogue and exchange. We invite you to participate in individual and group reflections, journal prompts, sharing circles, and conversations with guest lecturers.

Ceremony + Ritual

Experience the Spirit of Oaxaca through ceremony and traditional rituals. We invite you to gather in community for a limpieza ceremony, altar rituals, and ofrendas in our retreat home.

Movement + Meditation

Daily movement and meditation offerings allow you to process the many experiences in stillness. Movement offerings include; hatha and vinyasa yoga, lymphatic self-massage and more.

Additional Expenses

  • Airfare must be purchased by participants individually 

  • Alcohol (with the exception of Mezcal tastings in our itinerary)

  • Travel insurance: we require all participants to have proof of travel insurance before departure. You are responsible for acquiring your travel insurance.

    • It is mandatory that all attendees obtain travel insurance with a minimum coverage of $200,000 USD that covers personal injury, medical expenses, loss of or damage to luggage, repatriation expenses, and emergency evacuation expenses.

      • Insurance typically runs $60-$100 USD depending on the provider. you are free to choose any company, we recommend: world nomads  , USI or , Allianz  

About Oaxaca



Without a doubt, one of the greatest expressions of Oaxacan culture is the food. Wonderful pairings are created with ancestral beverages and locally grown crops. The unique combination of flavors in Oaxacan cuisine are comprised of cheeses, seven types of mole, stewed meats, tlayudas, memelas, traditional soups, sweet breads, chapulines (grasshoppers), tamales, and fruit ice creams.


Las Artesanías

In Oaxaca, indigenous artistic expression is a vibrant part of life in the pueblos that surround the main city. Many of the communities in these pueblos still practice traditional ancient art forms that have been passed down over thousands of years. Traditional craft and folk art such as alebrijes, textiles, ceramics, and beautiful embroidery can all be found in the Central Valleys.


Los Mercados

In Oaxaca’s markets an explosion of colors, flavors, and aromas come together. As you wander through the markets you can find traditional foods, (mole, cheeses, coffees, atole, tamales) fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, crafts, textiles and so much more.


Las Ruinas

There are around 4000 known archaeological sites in Oaxaca. Monte Álban and Mitla are two of the most important settlements for the Mixtecs and the Zapotecs and forged the beginnings of present day Oaxaca.


El Mezcal

Distilled from the Maguey (agave) plant, Mezcal plays an important role in Oaxacan identity. The art of Mezcal can be experienced in various mezcalerias and palenques where you can taste the aromas and flavors which tell its story. A visit to Oaxaca is not complete without tasting a traditional mezcal created by experts.


Los Museos

Oaxaca has a rich history and culture of artistic expression. The city center has several museums and galleries that host exhibitions and works from regional, national, and international artists.


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