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Cosa Buena

A Good Thing

Cosa Buena means 'a good thing'. We are a social enterprise that works directly with Zapotec and Mixtec communities in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico. We support local communities in Oaxaca by offering culturally responsible, immersive retreats that reinvest into local communities providing socio-economic benefits and funding for educational programs and community-based projects.

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Cosa Buena offers educational retreats that explore the vibrant culture and traditions of local Zapotec and Mixtec communities in Oaxaca. Our immersive retreats offer a unique opportunity to visit the homes of local artisans and learn about traditional art forms, culture and identity. Participants will attend hands-on workshops, travel to ancient ruins and mineral springs, share meals with families in the communities, and be given opportunities to participate in traditional ceremonial offerings.

Our educational retreats facilitate authentic cultural exchange. We hope to open minds to new ideas, and engage in conversations that deepen understanding of Oaxaca’s peoples, places, cultures, and history. These meaningful – often transformational – educational experiences promote a mutual respect and understanding across cultures and borders. Join Us.


We believe in providing opportunities and preserving traditions. Our goal is to empower traditional artists to represent the depth of their cultural heritage and craft to outsiders. We hope to connect cultures and support the preservation of traditional art forms and ways of life through equitable cultural exchange.





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