Jamison Karon, Los Angeles CA.

"A cultural exploration of the senses; the Cosa Buena retreat was an immersive experience that not only offered a portal to ancient traditions, but connected those traditions to the people who still practice them. This retreat is so rich with experience –between learning specialty trades from artisans around the region, tasting mezcal on a family palenque, the gardens, the city, the food, THE PEOPLE, Cosa Buena offers a profound and enriching way to experience Oaxaca.” 

Kyra Bernauer, Boise ID.

"This retreat was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn ancient crafts from the master's themselves. We were invited into the homes of the Oaxacan community, our bellies were filled with traditional Oaxacan meals, our hands were stained from dyes and clay, our bodies and minds were at peace with daily yoga and meditation, and our hearts were warmed with new friendships and mezcal. With honor and respect, the experiences created and shared in Oaxaca will forever be a part of my existence from this day forward. My eyes were widened even more and I was reminded why it is important to know your maker, to support artists and to keep these ancient ways of life alive. Cosa Buena has become a web of families, sisters, tears, laughter, friendship, memories teachers and students. I'm so grateful for this wonderful opportunity."

Kyle Rosenthal, San Francisco CA. 

"The opportunity to experience Oaxaca through the eyes of Cosa Buena and its founder provided our group with a spectacular and reflective journey. Our mornings began with the perfect yoga session and an excellent shared breakfast followed by days full of adventure, learning, and fun. I can't imagine a better way to experience Oaxaca and would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in exploring Oaxaca.".

Jenna Baucke, Oakland CA. 

" The Cosa Buena retreat was such an incredible experience that deepened my practice as a yogi and natural dyer. The craftsmanship and techniques we witnessed and the hospitality of our hosts was all so heartfelt and authentic. As a natural dyer, I was especially grateful for the opportunity be welcomed into the homes and studios of some of the few remaining families of weavers in Oaxaca who continue to use natural dyes and keep the traditional textile craft of their region alive. I miss being in Oaxaca and the people I met there everyday since and hope to return soon! "

Don Brandeburg, San Francisco CA. 

"This was hands down one of the best travel experiences of my life, and for sure one of the most meaningful. Cosa Buena takes you on a journey that you would never be able to experience on your own. The relationships that have been forged through Cosa Buena with the community in Oaxaca are inspiring and heartwarming. I feel really lucky to have had this experience. I learned so much about Oaxaca and myself." 

Sofala Knapton, San Francisco CA.

"Not only were the colonial buildings beautiful and vibrant, but the people we encountered and the culture we were immersed in was too. Traveling to Oaxaca with Cosa Buena was an extremely special experience that opened my eyes to the rich history and beauty of this region in Mexico."

Danielle Narveson, Half Moon Bay CA. 

"“The Cosa Buena, Entre Sueños retreat is an incredible, culturally immersive, artistically inspiring, and all-around feel good experience. Not only is the trip impeccably planned, but because Cosa Buena has such rich and wonderful relationships with all of the artists and families that you meet, you see and feel a part of Oaxaca that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do without having lived there for a few years. I’ve come back so energized and inspired and hope to instill their enthusiasm into my own work. I would recommend this trip to  anyone wanting to connect with themselves, new friends or new culture.”."

Katie Green, San Francisco CA.

"My time on Cosa Buena's Entre Sueños Retreat was magical and far exceeded my expectations. We got to see a side of Oaxaca that visitors don't usually get to see, being welcomed as good friends wherever we visited. I left understanding the breadth of the Oaxacan experience — from beautiful natural mineral springs to small artisan villages and funky restaurants. Beyond experiencing the region, the daily yoga and/or meditation set a foundation for the day and gave me the space to reflect during this time away from home. Oh, and the other participants and leaders were amazing humans. I highly recommend you join a future retreat!"

Cheryl Eccles, Berkely CA. 

"Cosa Buena's passion for Oaxaca is contagious. Our leader for this wonderful experience embraces the culture, the history, and most of all the people. She is warm, engaging, and enthusiastically celebrates the traditional arts of this region. Hence, our retreat offered more of an insider’s perspective than a tourist’s view of the artisans lives, as the families of weavers, candlemakers mezcal producers and ceramicists opened their hearts and homes to us as if we were family."