Wall Hangings│ Telares

In 2015, while living in Valparaìso, Chile, Cosa Buena founder Vera came across a beautiful telar (loom) that she fell in love with. After a few conversations with locals, she was able to track down the artist and commissioned her own piece. After several months of travel around South America she managed to lug her telar back to the U.S. where it now hangs proudly in her San Francisco home and reminds her daily of her beloved Valparaìso. Vera remained in touch with the artist and is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Cosa Buena.

Cosa Buena is honored to serve as a platform to connect this body of work with people around the world. 


The telars are made to order pieces. They are handmade from 100% sheep wool, using spun fleece and wool, and take time and love to make. Truly unique. For inquiries please visit our Contact page and send an email.