Cosa Buena means "a good thing" and that will always remain at the heart of this project- it’s about doing a good thing.


our mission

We hope to bring to light the beautiful stories of our artisans, and connect cultures through our educational initiatives and the preservation of traditional and unique art forms.

Our Products

Our products are designed in collaboration with indigenous artisans from remote villages in the Southern region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Cosa Buena has allowed us to establish connections with these gifted people in hopes of uniting what can sometimes feel like distant worlds.  


We believe in providing opportunity and preserving traditions. 


Educational initiatives 

Cosa Buena is much more than a company that collaborates with artisans. Cosa Buena is a project rooted in education, sustainability, and empowering a community. 

English Language education

Cosa Buena founder Vera Claire is currently enrolled in the M.A. TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) program at San Francisco State University. As a part of her thesis, she is designing a business English curriculum for her artisan partners in villages surrounding Oaxaca, Mexico. Her goal is to provide English lessons for her artisan partners to help them grow and expand their businesses with international clients.

While the Oaxaca region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, it remains one of the poorest. Sustainability means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but the focus is always about examining what we can do now to achieve long-term goals so we don’t compromise the needs of future generations. Cosa Buena's English language initiative is a more holistic approach to sustainability. In addition to financial gain, Vera hopes to provide her artisan partners with an invaluable resource while maintaining and preserving their traditions.

Arts & culturAL workshops 

Cosa Buena offers immersive cultural workshops lead by our artisan partners in the indigenous villages surrounding Oaxaca city. During these workshops, attendees will visit the homes of the families Cosa buena has partnered with and participate in hands on educational workshops in natural dyeing and weaving, ceremonial candle making, ceramics, mezcal production and more. 

These educational workshops offer a unique experience to visit the homes of local artisans, and learn about ancient art forms and traditions. We believe that our artisan-lead workshops will help promote a culture of thoughtful consumption. We hope that by connecting consumers to the source and by understanding the impact of our purchases we can take responsibility  and work together to make a good thing --Cosa Buena -- happen. 

To learn more visit our Workshops page.

the spirit of adventure

On a solo trip through Mexico in 2016, Vera was enamored by the work of local indigenous artisans in the remote villages surrounding Oaxaca city. Her knowledge of Spanish helped her to connect with locals and build relationships with families of artisans who still practice their traditional art forms. After lots of independent research, and many lengthy and thoughtful discussions with the artisans about the best practices for collaboration, Cosa Buena was founded and officially launched in August, 2016.