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Our Mission

We believe in providing opportunities and preserving traditions. Our goal is to empower traditional artists to represent the depth of their cultural heritage and craft to outsiders. We hope to connect cultures and support the preservation of traditional art forms while engaging conversations of women's empowerment across cultures. 





Our partners identify language as a resource to expand economic opportunities, promote social equity, and preserve their traditions. We have developed English language courses catered to their specific needs, and are developing bilingual written materials for community libraries that tell their stories. Through our educational retreats we hope to educate the consumer by connecting them to the source. Encouraging a culture of more thoughtful consumption. 


Cultural Exchange

Our educational retreats offer a unique opportunity to visit the homes of local artisans and learn about ancient art forms and traditions from a local perspective. We pride ourselves on offering an experience to explore the cultural depth and traditions of this region in a thoughtful manner that encourages mutual respect and understanding for new cultures. 



Sustainability means examining what we can do now to achieve long-term goals so we don’t compromise the needs of future generations. We consider our educational initiatives  a more holistic approach to sustainability. In addition to financial gain, our language programs, educational retreats, and curricular projects provide our partners with resources that will continue to support the community.



We work with women in families and cooperatives to create sustainable and inclusive long-term relationships. We support their efforts to promote financial independence, gender equality and representation for women in their communities. We are honored to work with them, and we have learned a lot from their activism. We believe that when women are empowered, the entire community benefits.