Cosa Buena means "a good thing." For me, this translates into running a responsible and thoughtful business. Cosa Buena's products are imported from artisans I have met personally during my travels to Mexico and Chile. Cosa Buena has allowed me to establish connections and build relationships with these gifted people in hopes of uniting what can sometimes feel like distant worlds.  My goal is to bring to light the beautiful stories of my artisan partners and connect cultures through exposing my customers to traditional and unique arts, as well as bring life to my own original designs through collaborative works. 

 Cosa Buena's mission is to promote a culture of thoughtful consumption while providing opportunity in a way that respects and preserves tradition. I work closely with families of Zapotec weavers from Teotitlàn Del Valle, in the Oaxaca state of Mexico as well as one artist in Valparaìso, Chile. Cosa Buena is a carefully curated collection of handmade one of a kind pieces. But it doesn't end there. Cosa Buena differs from other artisan made boutiques in that it is also an educational initiative.  I am designing a curriculum as part of my Master's thesis to teach my artisan partners basic business English. While Oaxaca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, it remains one of the poorest states. I hope that my teach my artisan partners English they will be able to expand their businesses internationally. Other companies provide economic resources for artisans they have partnered with, but I wanted to take that a step further. I hope to work with members of the community and tech them to be teachers. Education is everything, and it is a sustainable approach to improving their lives while maintaining and preserving traditions.  I hope that by connecting consumers to the source and by understanding the impact of our purchases we can take responsibility  and work together to make a good thing --Cosa Buena -- happen. 


Vera had a unique childhood. The daughter of an internationally mixed family, she  was fortunate to begin exploring the world as a young child. Her parents placed a heavy emphasis on travel and seeing the world and she is incredibly grateful for the curiosity they instilled in her from the very beginning. Vera's strong desire to see the world has taken her to 30 countries (and counting!) , helped her to acquire Spanish as a second language, and she has lived abroad twice all before turning age 25. Her passion for travel, interest in cultures, languages, and people was always something that she hoped to share with others. Vera is currently enrolled in the MA TESOL program at San Francisco State University where she is designing a curriculum that she plans to use to teach her artisan partners in Mexico basic business English.