Journey to The End of The World

Desperately seeking an escape from the bustling streets of Santiago, I turned my focus South in the direction of what Chileans call the end of the world – Patagonia Chilena. With A backpack stuffed full of clothes and gear to combat Patagonia’s extreme and unpredictable nature, I set off for five days alone in the wilds of Southern Chile.

Day 1 brought light showers, steep rocky climbs, lush forests, and ice-cold water from the glaciers high above. Day 2: The sun was with me and its rays lit up the majestic Lago Nordenskjöld, which glowed shades of turquoise and green. Day 3 pushed all my limits physically and mentally: rugged cliffs and vertical climbs up slippery mountains, set to the background of the echoing and chilling sound of ice calving from the glaciers in the distance. On Day 4, I walked with a new energy and feeling of gratitude, and the sun shone brightly on the pieces of ice that floated past in nearby lakes. Day 5 brought me face to face with the Glacier Gray what seemed like the end of the world. Strong winds nearly blew me over as I put on my crampons, grabbed an ice axe and helmet, and transcended upon the massive and ancient ice field. My time in Patagonia reinforced to me the beauty that lies within the unpredictability of nature- a place that is capricious and captivating.

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All images taken by Vera Claire

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