Social Impact

We believe in supporting the local communities within which we work. Our 2019 & 2020 retreats are funding our Critical Literacy Project for female artisans in Oaxaca.

Critical pedagogy in language teaching seeks social justice through language teaching and learning, and challenges our understanding of formal schooling and language ideologies (Friere, 1970). 

Critical Literacy Project

Narrative-based Language Learning

We have developed narrative-based language and literacy courses that draw on the specific language needs of female indigenous artisan collectives.

The courses aim to strengthen oral communication skills based in their own stories and experiences. Many of the women we partner with have limited literacy skills in Spanish, and were never given an opportunity to attend school. They have identified language and literacy as a valuable resource that provides access to new opportunities. We welcome all students’ languages and ways of knowing into the classroom, this is the basis of critical pedagogies in language teaching.

Our coursework takes a project-based approach and each semester we focus on a community project, using language as a tool to access resources, share ideas, and ultimately take action. Utilizing a narrative-based ethnographic approach we are co-creating booklets with members of the collectives that they will keep to support their conversations with visitors in their native language, Spanish and English about their craft traditions, and its place in their culture.